Institute of Jamaica

Job Summary

To photograph digitally, activities, events and artifacts/objects from the National Collection in a manner that facilitates archiving.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performs photographic shoots in-house and off-site
  • Ensures proper lighting for studio work
  • Ensures the proper handling, storage and care of all photographic equipment
  • Photographs and maintains database of staff members
  • Digitizes photographic hardcopy collection as agreed
  • Chooses appropriate software for storage of photographic collection
  • Catalogues/captions each photograph to ensure accuracy of records
  • Burns CDs of various photographic shoots as required
  • Prepares requisitions for photographic material
  • Recommends/advises on the purchase of photographic equipment e.g. cameras, lighting and scanner.
  • Makes reprints/enlargements from negatives as requested.

Required Education, Experience and Competencies

  • Four (4) CXC or GCE subjects including Mathematics or Accounts and English Language
  • Diploma in Photography and/or Videography
  • Two (2) years experience

Duration of Employment: May 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021