Reference Number : J05032018002
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Job Summary


  • Moves levers to ignite burners, to adjust blowers and dampers that regulate airflow and temperature, 
    and to control charging, discharging, and quenching mechanisms of furnace.
  • Opens hearth doors and observes operation of waste raking mechanism to verify that burned residue is 
    swept to succeeding hearth. Cleans debris from furnace room floor, using rake and broom.
  • Observes meters and gauges on central control room panel to verify that flows, pressures, and 
    temperatures are within specifications.
  • Applicable Health & Safety training
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to perform calculations and interpret data.
  • Good planning, organizing and time management skills


  • Electrical Installation: Diploma
  • Mechanical Engineering: Diploma
Work Experience(years)
  • Occupational Health And Safety Specialist (2)