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Job Summary

§ Develops and monitors the Human Resource Strategic and Operational Plans

§ Develops reviews and ensures the implementation of Human Resources Development 
 and Management Policies and Procedures in keeping with and in accordance with the 
  relevant regulations.

§ Develops and implements a Succession Planning Programme to ensure continuity of skills, 
competencies and career advancement of employees within the organization.

§ Prepares and administers the annual training budget

§ Reviews payroll information to ensure accuracy of compensation for staff

§ Manages the development of Job Descriptions to ensure currency of Jobs in meeting the 
needs of the organization and makes recommendation for reclassification of posts, 
whenever necessary.

§ Manages training needs analysis and evaluation exercise

§ Liaises and negotiates with training institutions regarding the development and or 
facilitation of course/programmes etc. to meet the organization’s needs

§ Develops, coordinates and conducts seminars and workshops in accordance with work plan, 
training needs analysis or as requested.

§ Researches and recommends books, pamphlets and magazines on training and development for 
organization’s resource data bank

§ Conducts market research to ensure that training and development activities are carried out 
in the most cost-effective manner

§ Manages the recruitment, selection and orientation programme within the organization.

§ Conducts organization analysis exercise in conjunction with the General Manager.

§ Plans and monitors the organization’s staff training and development programmes and activities 
on a timely basis.

§ Documents/Reports on training programmes administered.

§ Assists in the performance management & appraisal process through providing training programmes 
relevant to help fill the gaps identified in employees’ performance.

§ Assists in the development/sourcing and maintenance of Human Resource/Training Software to 
manage data relating to training.

§ Ensures the welfare needs of staff are clearly identified and addressed.

§ Administers the discipline and grievance procedures ensuring consistency, fairness and 
equity within the work place

§ Ensures the efficient management of administrative services

§ Oversees the efficient procurement of goods and assets in accordance with GoJ guidelines

§ Chairs the Procurement Committee

§ Oversees a comprehensive Information and Documentation system to facilitate research and 
easy storage and retrieval of information

§ Participates in the development and implementation of business plans for raising funds for 
the Home to extend the service offered.

§ Participates in the development of the organization’s Annual Budget

§ Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of team work for employee 
empowerment and commitment to organizational goals.

§ Provides technical advice to the Board of Directors and General Manager

§ Provides professional advice and guidance to all staff members

§ Liaises with other Human Resource Management and Administrator Practitioners to network 
and share ideas

§ Oversees the management of the maintenance of records of inventory of stock and equipment

§ Monitors service contract for Closed User Group (CUG) telecommunication system and liaises 
with provider regarding issues

§ Oversees the maintenance of all company vehicles ensuring a high level of accountability


§ Excellent Communication Skills

§ Excellent Interpersonal Skills

§ Excellent Customer Service Skills

§ Excellent time management skills

§ Excellent Integrity/Ethics exercised in the performance of duties

§ Excellent knowledge of human resource policies and procedures

§ Sound knowledge of laws and practices pertaining to Industrial Relations, Employee benefits and welfare

§ Sound knowledge of Office Administration and Procurement policies

§ Current knowledge of Human Resource Management and Administration

§ Excellent negotiating skills exclusive of conflicts resolution and decision making

§ Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

§ Excellent leadership skills

§ Good interacting, listening and counselling skills

§ Orientation programmes is developed within the required format and time-frame.


§ Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Resource Management or related field

§ Five years experience at the Senior Management level in Human Resource Management and Administration.

§ Experience managing or working in organizations providing similar services will be an asset

§ Multi-skilled and experienced in fund raising and events planning


  • Human Resource Management: Bachelor
Work Experience(years)
  • Human Resource Manager (5)