What is LMIS

The national Labour Market Information System (LMIS) is a job matching facility as well as a database of qualitative and quantitative information. The information is collected from a number of labour market information producers and disseminated via the web site in order to improve access. The services are available at no cost to you. In addition to this website, LMIS services may be accessed at any Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) office island wide. You may also visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/page/Jamaica Labour Market Information System. The stakeholders of the LMIS include students, Guidance and Career Counsellors, and researchers as well as education and training policy makers and planners. The LMIS has three components:

The Electronic Labour Exchange (ELE):

As the core component of the LMIS, the ELE facilitates the matching of job seekers with employers. The services are available both on-line and off-line.

On-line Services for Job-seekers:
  1. Tips on résumé writing, preparing for interviews and job search
  2. counselling
  3. résumés
  4. search
  5. Facilities at the North Street office to check email for notification from employers about job interviews.
Off-line Services for Job-seekers:
  1. Computer facilities to post résumés and conduct job search
  2. Referral to other institutions
  3. Presentations/workshops on topics such as labour market trends and workplace readiness
  4. Entrepreneurship workshops which expose ELE clients to income generating skills which are easily learnt e.g. floral arrangement, sewing and making gift baskets
  5. Career development activities for secondary schools
On-line Services for Employers:
  1. Posting job vacancies
  2. Access to a database of skilled workers
  3. Search for and selection of candidates
Off-line Services for Employers:
  1. Interview and short listing of candidates for employers
  2. Guidance to employers on how to post job vacancies
  3. Posting vacancies for employers
  4. Conference room facility at the Ministry’s North Street office which may be used by employers to conduct interviews.
Skills Bank:

The Skills Bank is a database of Jamaicans with certified skills. Qualified persons are encouraged to register on-line so that employers can access workers with the required competencies. It is hoped that the database will provide information which can used to help determine the supply of and demand for labour, shortages and trends, as well as facilitate occupational projections.

Labour Market Intelligence:

This is a combination of current and historical data on the local economy, population and labour market. It also includes information on training opportunities for the youth, sources of funding for education, the most frequently advertised jobs (hottest jobs) and summaries of labour market research conducted by MLSS. The LMIS has assisted hundreds of persons to gain employment. It is designed to create an environment in which decisions by individuals in the labour market are based on reliable information. This should translate into an efficiently functioning labour market with less mismatch between the skills that job seekers are offering and those required by employers.